Our school and club ordering system makes it easy for customers to buy fully personalised school uniform or club wear with the minimum of effort.

Using a PayPal account makes the payment process easier but

If you prefer just use your credit card details at the Checkout


The order can be delivered either to the home address as normal with a carriage charge of just £5.25 per order or alternatively free of charge direct to the school (provided they allow us) or in the case of clubs, collected from the shop saving customers all delivery costs.


All school clothing takes two weeks to be personalised during the normal school year and in the busy summer period it takes 3 weeks to process. Customers will then be notified when their order is dispatched either to the school or their own private address.

If the “Free Collection from School or Shop” option is desired please DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CHANGE the delivery address when finally paying at Paypal as Paypal does not allow any changes to be made to the delivery address. Provided you have selected the “FREE collection from school or shop” option 
 during the checkout process you will not be charged for shipping.

If parents wish to pay for school uniform in advance by instalments to avoid a large outlay at a difficult time, an easy way is to take advantage of our online savings facility.

Gift certificates can be purchased like any other product for any amount, at any time, and the total will be kept in their personal online account. It is then available to be used when needed to purchase any products on the site.

The benefits:

  • Single delivery charge of £5.25 per order OR
  • FREE collection from school or shop
  • Check out our Gift Certificate savings scheme